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World kindness day 2023

10 Ways to Celebrate and give back on World Kindness Day

November 13, 2013 is World Kindness Day. Why not share some kindness and make someone’s day!

November 13 is World Kindness Day! Imagine what the world would be like if each person did one kind thing for someone else. Get started making a difference with these 10 simple ideas:

  1. Compliment the first three people you talk to.
  2. Pass on your favourite book to a friend or colleague.
  3. Say good morning to the person next to you on the elevator.
  4. Take time to leave a nice review for a place you have visited recently.
  5. Donate unwanted clothing or household items to a local charity.
  6. Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity on social media.
  7. Volunteer to make the tea round in the office.
  8. Invite someone to take a lunchtime walk.
  9. Help someone complete a task.
  10. Write a nice recommendation on LinkedIn for a coworker.