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Strictly at the London Marathon

Yesterday, the Strictly team had an amazing day out supporting all the participants in the London Marathon! It was a fantastic experience cheering on every single person who had worked and trained so hard for the big day.

The struggle of an individual taking part in the marathon is greatly underestimated, however the power of the support network they have and the encouragement from friends, family and strangers throughout the day goes such a long way. The atmosphere was absolutely incredible, and everyone who took part should be so proud of themselves, especially raising money for so many amazing charities.

Just under 43,000 people took part yesterday, and it is truly inspirational to see individuals pushing themselves to the limit, all for such great causes. The London Marathon is an amazing event, and this year everyone raised a record number of £1 billion in fundraising!

We were all extremely excited to also support and cheer on our Director Paul Kelly, who did absolutely brilliantly! We all had such an overwhelming feeling of adrenaline and emotions as he ran past, and we could not be prouder.

We recommend any person to attend the London Marathon, whether you are cheering on loved ones, or just there to encourage the participants. Every bit of support really does help, and we want to say congratulations to everyone who ran!