Today is the start of a very important week in the UK- Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health affects so many people in so many ways. The BBC reported that at any one time, a sixth of the population in England are suffering with a mental health problem, and roughly a quarter of people in the UK will experience this each year.

Mental health is just as important as physical health! Strictly Recruitment wanted to use this opportunity to spread awareness, by helping you to recognise the symptoms, and knowing who you can turn to.

Each individual is unique, so it is important to understand and recognise the possible symptoms in each person. It could be small changes such as loss of appetite or sleep variations, becoming socially withdrawn, nervousness, mood changes, and even increased sensitivity. Regardless of how noticeable the changes may be, it is so important to be mindful and wary of your friends, family and colleagues around you. Noticing these small changes can make a big difference to any individual.

The thing to remember is that ‘you are not alone’. The whole point of this week is not only to promote awareness, but to encourage a more open dialogue and better understanding of mental health concerns. People need to feel comfortable to address their own issues without concern over stigma, to encourage a more positive approach.

There are support networks all around us, and just speaking to that one person, whether it is a close family friend or a professional, can make all the difference!

We found a video from ‘Mind’ that is very helpful in understanding mental health problems a little bit better. Spread the word, and break the stigma!