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March 2023 MVP

A massive well done to our Office Manager Lucy Sharman for winning the Strictly Recruitment MVP Award for March! 🏆🏆🏆

Our COO Paul Kelly said:

In many recruitment agencies, all the emphasis is put on the consultants, and at times, the people behind the scenes who keep the wheels turning get overlooked. Lucy has only been with us for a relatively short space of time but it’s safe to say her impact on the business has been incredible. She has revolutionised several of our internal processes and has implemented a host of new benefits and policies. She has become the true go-to person of Strictly and excels in her role on a day-to-day basis.

Throughout March, Lucy oversaw a complete system migration which we all know comes with extreme challenges and hiccups. Luckily for us, Lucy oversaw the project and ensured the transition was smooth and seamless.

It’s a privilege to have Lucy as part of the team.


Thank you for the impact you’ve already made, and I’m looking forward to celebrating more of her successes over the months and years to come! Well done Lucy!