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May 2023 MVP

A massive well done to Issie Watson-Smith for winning the Strictly Recruitment  MVP award for May! 🏆🏆🏆

Our COO Paul Kelly said:

Massive congratulations to Issie for winning our MVP for May. She is our most recent joiner, but her impact on the business has been nothing short of remarkable in such a short space of time. It always takes a certain amount of time to settle in and find your feet in any new role, but it feels like she has been with us for years already. Issie’s positivity and energy are infectious and her loyal clients and candidates love her swift and efficient approach to recruitment.

It’s a privilege to work so closely with Issie and have her as part of the wider team. We can’t wait to celebrate more of her successes over the months and years to come! Well done Issie!