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International Day of Charity- 5th September


It’s International Day of Charity, which recognises the significant importance of the role in which this sector plays in the continuous alleviation of human suffering around world. Today is all about giving, originally commemorating the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death.

So why is today so important?

Not only does this day remind everyone of the vital work that charities do, but it also educates the public on ways that we can all contribute! People are always in need of help, in any part of the world, either from victims or war, natural disasters, hunger, disease, poverty, and so much more. Without charity and compassion, there would be no humanity.

What can we do to help?

You could attend an event near you, or even host an event of your own! What about volunteering and giving your time to others less fortunate? Perhaps simply creating a GoFundMe page online. Whatever you decide, remember every little bit helps!

Strictly Recruitment

Strictly Recruitment wanted to create awareness today, acknowledging the huge effort of all charity workers. So in an effort to do so, we want you to decide what charity we should donate to! Go onto our LinkedIn page, Instagram and Facebook, and comment your favourite charities!