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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Today we are celebrating ‘Administrative Professionals Day’, recognising the importance of support staff everywhere.

As a Recruitment Agency, specialising in Business Support ourselves, we wanted to show our appreciation for all Administrative Professionals, whether you are an Office Manager, Receptionist, PA or Admin Assistant!

Back in the early 1950’s during World War II, the National Secretaries Association was formed, now known as The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). This was due to an increased need for skilled administrative support, particularly in the US. Today, the core purpose of the IAAP is to provide professional development, education, and help administrative professionals advance in their careers.

Even though this is typically recognised as a celebrated day in the US, we feel that this day should not be restricted to America, as there are fantastic administrative professionals all over the world! And given our speciality at Strictly Recruitment, we feel its only right to acknowledge its importance here in the UK too!

So, use this day to really make a fuss over all the hardworking support staff that ensure the smooth running’s of the office! Without them, there would be an overflow of paperwork, an abundance of phone calls, and just pure chaos!

How will you show your appreciation today? Maybe a little gift card, or even some flowers! Either way, we’re sure all support staff will be very grateful.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day everyone!