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Tips to write the perfect CV

Did you know that the average recruiter/hiring manager spends 6-8 seconds looking at your CV before deciding whether you are right for the job or not?

Updating your CV can be very daunting, you want to make a good impression, add all your work experience, the best parts of your duties and show how much you do whilst also keeping it all on 2-3 pages?!!

You may be making small mistakes that you don’t even know about that makes recruiters and hiring managers flick past your CV. We have added some great tips below which can help you make your CV get back the 6-8 second mark.

Don’t be too vague throughout your CV….

To write a good CV and grab people’s attention, you need to ensure you are showcasing your specific skillset for the roles you are applying to. Recruiters and employers want to interview candidates they know can be successful in the role. If your CV is not specific on what your skills are, they will not know if you are qualified for the role or what you have done in your previous positions. Writing a detailed CV that lists your skills and duties, not only showcase these, but can set you aside from other applicants.

Make sure to mention your important achievements….

There is nothing wrong with simply telling the hiring manager what your previous responsibilities were, but sharing your accomplishments on your CV shows the value you can offer the company before you have even met with them! You might also think to add a sperate sections to highlight achievements and key skills throughout your career.

Using “buzz words” in your CV….

Using active “buzz words” in your CV can help you be more visible to recruiters/employees when they are looking through job boards, helping your CV stand out. This can also allow you to attract more attention as it shows why you are qualified for the position and may help in obtaining and interview.

Use this advice to help you include buzzwords in your CV:

  • Provide examples. When adding buzzwords to your CV, provide examples for how you did something, such as “Led a team of 30 interns and 50 employees,” for the buzzword “led.”
  • Include buzzwords throughout your CV – this ensures hiring managers see your buzzwords, include them throughout your CV in multiple sections.
  • Be specific- be specific to the position or industry you are applying for when selecting your buzzwords to make sure they are relevant, such as using the term “calculated” when describing your job duties as an accountant.
  • Review the job posting- this helps you come up with buzzwords to use and can you’re your CV more specific to the role you are applying for.

Ensure your CV has the same layout throughout….

One of the main things we always see is people having different fonts, sizes and margin not lining up. You should always make sure you have to same layout throughout your CV. E.g., if you have your company name and employment dates in bold and your job title below in italic, you must ensure this is the same for all your roles throughout your CV.

Making sure the margins/spacing is in line throughout the CV also gives another sense of consistency and shows your attention to detail.

Choose the right tense for your CV….

The way you write your CV makes all the difference when people are reading this. It also shows your literacy skills. Ensuring that you are using the same tenses throughout your CV in your work experience is crucial. We also suggest using present tense for your current role and past tense in all previous roles. This gives your CV the sense of consistency throughout and gives the employer more knowledge on what you are currently doing verses what you have achieved or done in the past.

Make multiple versions of your CV….

Throughout your job search, you may be applying for different positions, or positions that have different duties and requirements. You should ask yourself “is my CV relevant enough for this position?” Due to this, you may need multiple versions of your CV, of tailor your CV to specific jobs before applying to them. This way, you can keep your CV within 2/3 pages, and ensure that the skills and duties you are listing are most relevant to the position. This can help you get more callbacks, interviews and hopefully, OFFERS!

Run a spellcheck….

Attention to detail is essential for most jobs out there. If you have multiple grammatical and spelling errors, your CV will land in the trash folder right away. Take the time to look through your CV to make sure everything is spelled correctly and written properly. This only takes a few minutes and can make all the difference when you apply to roles.

Blog by our Office Manager – Lucy Sharman, 29 Sept 2023