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Breaking News…

Thank you so much to the hundreds of people who have been in touch expressing their interest in our ‘latest project’. 

 Given it’s the 1st of April, and now gone 12pm, it might not be a surprise to some that our ‘project’ was actually an April fools’ joke. 

 That said, it is actually amazing that there are so many people out there who think we could do a great job in essentially replacing the whole of our government! THANK YOU!

 #strictlyforgovernment #votestrictly #instrictlywetrust 

After months of heavyweight negotiations, back and forths, changes to contracts, votes, further votes, and even more votes, Strictly Recruitment couldn’t be prouder to announce our latest ground breaking project…

We have been appointed as the new exclusive supplier to provide the Houses of Parliament with a full new house of staff. Strictly will be responsible for providing talent across the four main functions: legislation (making laws), representation (acting on behalf of voters and citizens), scrutiny (examining the government), and formation of government.

The COO of Strictly says “We couldn’t be more excited with our latest project. Although these sectors are still relatively new areas to us, and times frames will be immensely tight, we are confident that we can exceed expectations as we have done with all of our previous recruitment projects. It also gives us immense pride that we can a make a small difference to the future of our country”.

A senior MP said “In the end Strictly were the obvious choice for us. Although it took a long time and way too many votes for my liking, their passion, enthusiasm and track record of delivery shone through. We are excited to be partnering with them and leaning on their expertise at a time we need it the most.”

Strictly Recruitment welcomes applications from all relevant candidates ASAP. To register your interest, please submit your CV by 12pm today (April 1st) for your chance to make a difference!